dinsdag 7 juni 2016

Mother Mooch – Nocturnes

Mother Mooch – Nocturnes
Self released – 2015
Heavy Rock
Rate: ****.5

The Irish have done it again. First with the band Ainriail and now the land of green bring to us Mother Mooch, a five piece from Dublin consisting of Chloe on Vocals, Sid on guitar and backing vocal. Farl on guitar, Barry on bass, and none other than Danni on drums. Their record Nocturnes instrumentally is solid as solid is, if u get that. And there is something extremely familiar about Chloe's vocals. I can't quite place it. Never the less she rocks the mike like a pro, with a clean and depth to her vocals that don't need the distortion that they put on the track L.H.O.O. I know today a lot of us add distortion to a vocal for some power. But I don't feel she needs it. Alright on to the guitarists. Hmmm. I'm actually at a bit of a loss. The guitar playing is quite good, maybe very 90's but again I'm having a hard time with that part of the record as far as description goes. The bassist is also quite good and has the 90's Alice In Chains feel to some of his riffing. Same for the drummer, extremely solid and clean playing. This is a true unit! As lone wolves I couldn't say, wow that guy sticks out. It is the group effort in this case that makes Mother Mooch who they are. I believe their strong suit is serving the song like many of their 90's elders did. It wasn't about the individual, but the cohesiveness of everyone involved. A sort of more modern hippie attitude that has once again past us by for even more speed and technology. Mother Mooch allows me to revisit; at least in my mind that time period when life was just a bit kinder, if only just a bit. Thanks Mooch. Slán go foil!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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