donderdag 23 juni 2016

Jiboia – Masala

Jiboia – Masala
Self released – 2016
Rock, World, Acid, Psych, Drone
Rated: ****

Jibóia is a highly personal project. The man behind it, goes by the name of Oscar Silva and invites friends to record with him. On some albums or EP’s there are a few. But in the case of the new album Masala, there is only one: Ricardo Martins. The two Portuguese friends turn into acid fueled Prince of Persia’s travelling the globe for worldly inspirations and wild adventures. And therefore the eight psychedelic tracks on this record are all named after different cities. Alluding in the tiniest of ways to what influence you may come across in said song. But, for the most part they draw almost all of their inspiration from Eastern, Persian and North-African regions. It soon turns into this free rock extravaganza filled with sleazy casio beats and droning basslines. It turns hypnotic quick and before long you will be wobbling and bobbling with heads, shoulders and the rest of your body. And pervasive throughout is something mysterious and dangerous and shrouded and snake like. Yes, ride the snake. It might not grab you on every level but it will strike a chord in every fiber of your body. And with summer approaching, we can all use this kind of music to dance to. Ooh, and did I mention the snake… Yes. Ride the snake!

(Written by JK)

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