woensdag 18 mei 2016

Komatsu – So, How’s About Billy?

Komatsu – So, How’s About Billy?
Lighttown Fidelity – 2016
Rock, Stoner, Sludge, Metal
Rated: ****

It’s been a wild, wonderful and tragic few years in the existence of Komatsu! After line-up changes here and there, we have a Komatsu where only the bassist was part of the original four. Horrific tragedy happened, the fill-in drummer Jelle Tommeleyn during the European tour as pre-show to John Garcia was killed in a hit-n-run accident in his hometown in Belgium. Their entire merchandize and gear was stolen at a gig in Italy supporting Nick Oliveri. But even all those tragedies could not stop the machine that is Komatsu. With new energy and new hope they stomped on, aiming to release the new album Recipe For Murder One in September 2016. As a pre-curser to said album we now have this wonderful seven inch to sink our teeth in. Two tracks, the damn fine trucking So, How’s About Billy? which is also the focus of their first video. (See the post below.) And the crazy evil sounding hammer that is Scavenger. Which could have been heard if you had gotten your hands on the Nederfuzz - The Dutch Fuzz Collection album that was added to the Rock Tribune magazine Nr 152 back in February. The way Komatsu has evolved is simply amazing and especially vocalist Mo Truijens. But that’s what doing massive tours does to a collective and a grimy voice. A voice that now leads a sludge metal machine that is at the top of its game and aiming to flatten the globe in its wake! So, How’s About Billy? So, how’s about we all grab a beer at a next Komatsu show near you! Cause you know what, live they’re even better!

(Written by JK)

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