dinsdag 26 april 2016

King Goblin – Cryptozoology

King Goblin – Cryptozoology
Bonten Record – 2016
Rock, Metal, Doom, Seventies, Punk, Black, Death
Rated: ***

You can still hear some of that grind and death in the new tracks featured on Cryptozoology by Japanese freaks King Goblin. But then there is so much more, cause they’ve pulled out all the stops and have let all their influences run free. Giving us this weird new album full of crazy tracks that move into whatever direction you can come up with. It’s all there. Sludge, Psych, Surf, Stoner, Doom, Metal, Seventies, Punk, Garage and every other genre that ever got pigeonholed. Which is exactly what King Goblin refuses to be. So what to do with these seven tracks featured. Take’m on and roll’em out. Definitely not for the weak or the feeble, but for the weird and the one of a kinds. Put the third track Prophet on repeat and you will start seeing halos everywhere and a Mike Patton dancing like crazy while Buzz Osborne is ranting in your ear. Following song 2020 is like a huge and orange moon that looms in the darkening violet swim of the sky, like a crashing planet. Garadama is one of those hawkers trying to get rid of a sackful of screaming souls on a deserted crossroad, with behind him an orange light radiating from a small crashed meteor that seems to flame like hellfire. And King Goblin’s take on Mississippi Queen by Mountain, renamed in this case as Birmingham Queen is nothing but a radioactive gem meant to be played with all levels up and extremely loud. So yes, after a hesitant start at the beginning, the boys have won over yet another soul. Another lost Pilgrim marching on together with the King Goblin…

(Written by JK)

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