vrijdag 15 april 2016

Fabrik Royale – The Same Machine

Fabrik Royale – The Same Machine
Festering Chunks – 2016
Rock, Grunge, Stoner
Rated: ****

The name rang a bell, but I couldn’t concentrate. All around me desperate stoner melodies fought for attention. Suddenly it dawned on me. The band hailed from the south of the Netherlands and did some recording under guidance of Pieter Kloos at his The Void studios, or something like that. After checking out Fabrik Royale we found out, their first release One Eyed Idiot was mastered by Kloos and recorded at the lovely PopEi in Eindhoven back in 2003. After which the band split up only to find each other again many years later. So now, The Same Machine, only older, is the new five track EP by this Dutch quartet. A highly grungy and melodic stoner effort that convinces in songwriting and arrangement. But lacks the punch here and there to truly break into your heart. Or so it seems on a first casual listening session. But then when your focus returns on the second one, the jumble of kindling that seemed like the remains on a couple of chairs after a bar fight, suddenly catch fire and burst ablaze. And you’re heart burn with it. You will feel like a torch! The wavering vocals, which at first seemed hesitant and unconvincing, will become charming. The bass, perhaps a bit too distant, starts rumbling more and more, like a thunderstorm on approach. And the guitars become increasingly the focus point that they should be, with majestic riffs and damn fine colors. And as every cog counts, let’s not forget about the drums, expert fills and even more important, leaving the right amount of space for the rest when needed. It might be The Same Machine, but it’s definitely different and it’s definitely delicious!

(Written by JK)

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