maandag 4 april 2016

De Staat – O

De Staat – O
Caroline – 2016
Rated: ****

De Staat has become one complete and full circle entity. Seeing them perform live, shows a band of brothers that can finish each other thoughts without them even thinking it. It’s weird that a band that started as a simple rock band in the vein of a popularized Queens Of The Stone Age version has become such a huge and majestic unit. Which has lost a lot of that early stoner pop tag that was placed upon them. We saw them slowly loose it spread out over the earlier albums and with O they go full circle, not doing a 180, but a 360. Yes, going forward from where they are, or were with I_Con, but with paying more attention to where they came from which was Wait For Evolution. Evolved is exactly what they have done. From the stoner pop of Wait For Evolution, to the Grampall Jookabox, Qotsa, Beck and Nick Cave inspired machinations of Machinery, on to the beats and synths of I_Con and the Beastie Boys and fifties era inspired Vinticious Versions. They’ve come a long way baby, and on O, they combine all that to pave new ground for themselves. And carve out their name on a bronze plaque, which will honor them for their fight for progress and the battle against demagogues of all parties and always oppose the prevailing winds. They are drastically independent and they are De Staat…

(Written by JK)

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