donderdag 18 februari 2016

Telstar Sound Drone – Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles

Telstar Sound Drone – Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles
Bad Afro Records – 2016
Rock, Psych, Space, Drone, Garage, Kraut
Rated: ****

Those blurry memories of those wild nights in Copenhagen. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be able to recall all of those weird and twisted times. Did they actually really happen? Did we bite those girls in their arms and convinced them it was the hip way to say goodnight? What was that three story apartment building club thing called again? Did we end up at some kind of weird reggae bar completely out of our minds? And did the Stubnitz really have a Johnny Cash night? Or did we just think so and did we never actually end up on stage? Putting on the new album Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles by the five-piece Telstar Sound Drone does not remedy the holes in those memories, but it does seem to transport me back to that time. For some strange and possibly insane reason. Cause their space rock extravaganza is filled with huge psychedelic layers and intense droning backgrounds. The band, featuring three Baby Woodrose members, one (two actually) from Spids Nøgenhat and vocalist Sean Jardenbæk, mix up their hard rocking psychedelic garage with laidback space and almost blasé drones. But the intense guitar sounds, effect colors and crashing drums accompanying the searing and scaring vocals are what take the cake here. They are simply put, out of this world amazing! The gigantic wall they pull up with their truckload of reverb, fuzz, feedback and tremolo outbursts feels like solid concrete one moment and an unholy mirage the next. It’s a trip and will surely have you reliving all those great memories of all that stuff that never really happened anyway. Or did it? The boys from Telstar Sound Drone have the solution, just put this album on repeat!

(Written by JK)

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