zondag 28 februari 2016

5R6 – Islands

5R6 – Islands
Robust Fellow – 2015
Rock, Prog, Alternative, Metal
Rated: ***

Another release that already came out in the year passed. And another Ukrainian band. This time there is four of them and they named themselves 5R6. And on their newest release called Islands they produce a highly progressive and damn fine alternative sound that moves just as easily through the metal landscape as it lays back in rock. Seven tracks that have this nineties feel to it while constantly keeping you on your toes as to be ready for their next move. They shift like sand in a sinkhole and every time you listen to the album they draw your deeper into the 5R6 world. A world not limited by sub-genre limits cause they constantly set sail from their island to explore the riffs and the oceans surrounding their ruckus and to find new musical lands to conquer. And just like their name, they keep you guessing and electrified about what might lie beyond that next big wave…

(Written by JK)

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