donderdag 24 december 2015

Number 9

Number 9

“I really thought it was chocolate cake!” ~ Ozzy Osbourne

We jump three points after Graveyard brought us into the top 10 to find a true psychedelic screed on Number 9. Mentioned only days before the start of the Countdown the second album of this Finnish six-piece is psychedelic rock performed on the very edge of the needle. Chuck full of classic riffs and an intense occult atmosphere it is without a doubt that the female voice is the one that drags you down with the band. With a powerful and much tougher pronunciation. There is still a bit of Grace Slick in there, but for the most part her voice is still that lovely creature that seemed to skid out of control with every corner she took, but without any hesitation, for she knows, even if she doesn’t make that corner, it will still sound incredible. On Number 9 we find…

Jess & The Ancient Ones – Second Psychedelic Coming: the Aquarius Tapes

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