dinsdag 29 december 2015

Number 6

Number 6

“All the good cakes have already been eaten by people with wigs and stuff.” ~ Frank Zappa

A massive jump of fourteen points takes us up to Number 6. A band that made the list at Number 7 back in 2011 and the absolute Numero Uno according to Charlie Tooth. So let’s let him do the talking. “I ask you, how can a band like this not make the list? That's right, no way in hell it wouldn't! This year’s release is kick ass, bad ass and downright dirty. Ten tracks of unadulterated bliss, from Sexecutioner right to the pop savvy Ice Age Hey Baby. This trio is a bands band in every sense of that statement. Pantella, Ryan and Kosnik all shine on this record. For a band that has been around well over a decade the shit just keeps getting better. And have you ever seen a bassists fingers eat lighting and crap thunder like Kosnik's do? (Sorry, I had to fit that in. Hahaha) Thank you for another awesome atomic release.” Fourteen points above Kadavar on Number 7 we find on Number 6 ...!

The Atomic Bitchwax – Gravitron


The awesome cake above courtesy of the boys from . . . . . :    Freedom Hawk.
Who made the list at Number 16 this year and baked the cake above for the 6th birthday of one of their sons. Best of late birthday wishes for the little man and thanks to Freedom Hawk for sharing the awesome picture. As well as their awesome new album!

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