woensdag 16 december 2015

Number 17

Number 17

“I’ve had a variety of body parts in all different kinds of cakes. But for me, the strawberry cheesecake or the cinnamon apple ones will always remain the top contenders. For what you ask? I will leave that to your imagination.” ~ Lars Ulrich

On Number 17,  and yes once again with one sole point more than Monster Magnet we find… Two outfits. One from Pleasantville, New Jersey, United States and one from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Respectively a five-piece and a trio, both rocking out like true masters with a penchant for psychedelics and grand gestures. I’ve been in love with one of these bands since I first discovered them. The Canadian bunch, the rowdy grunge/fuzz freaks that always go for the big boom and take you down with them relentlessly. And I will definitely be digging deeper into the other one, now that I know all of you lovely freaks out there love it so much. And while typing, I’ve naturally just put on the album. I get it. And now I want to Live there; among the Ghosts... In The Valley Of The Snake…

Ruby The Hatchet – Valley of The Snake &
 We Hunt Buffalo – Living Ghosts

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