dinsdag 22 december 2015

Number 11

Number 11

“No cake has ever been so fatal or so hideous. And yet, we eat it. We gorge and we barf and we puke and regurgitate and eat it all over again. Yes, we are beasts.” ~ Bono

As mentioned before, I’m always surprised about the level of commitment of all you lovely freaks out there. As much as I am surprised by the amount of great music released every year and let’s state the obvious, the amount of this year is absolutely stunning. So even though I dug the fifth album of this Dutch trio when it was released back in June I had definitely not expected it to make the countdown. Which is wrong on many level. For the album is filled with their most structured songs to date; even though they are supported by two devious psychedelic bookends at the beginning and end of the record. Their Hendrix influences might be fading and a bit more of Kyuss might be surfacing, their new record is without a doubt a typical record for this amazing trio. So, again, only one point above Acid King on Number 12 we find as a definite free rock lift-off those three boys that made the list back in 2009 and 2010 on Number 11 !!!

The Machine – Offblast!  

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  1. This was a cracking album. Their output has been pretty solid, they just need to completely stop trying to sound like QOTSA (who very much suck and have sucked since Rated R/Songs for the Deaf).