zaterdag 12 december 2015

Fuzz Dog – A Poisonous Dream

Fuzz Dog – A Poisonous Dream
Self released – 2015
Rock, Prog, Blues, Psych, Fuzz
Rated: ****

We’re visiting Karlstad, Sweden today. Getting down and dirty with the three from Fuzz Dog. So you’d better be getting ready to groove your pants off with their sophomore release A Poisonous Dream. It’s like they’re forgetting they’re from Sweden. Cause the retro, seventies and stoner greatness we all come to expect from bands from that country is downgraded and used to a bare minimum. Instead we are grooving to some old progressive blues rock with a psychedelic touch and a whole lot of funky fuzz. It’s intense and they produce a color of sound that not only feels like copper and brass, it also grows with every listening session until every song becomes a giant unto itself. Just take opening track The Cage for instance. With a simple wah wah and a tinkling of glass in the back this starts off as a laidback groove, which slowly builds and slowly transforms into desperate scream for existential help. And you believe the singer as he screeches at you and the very open instrumentation underneath bursts and rolls over you. It so impressive. And the rest of the album keeps on impressing. Damn, these are some fine ass fuzzy cats!

(Written by JK)

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