dinsdag 17 november 2015

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Ride of The Hoof

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Ride of The Hoof
Self released – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Hard, Psych, Doom, Proto
Rated: *****

What better way to not forget about what happened, and not to forget the tragedy and all the senseless loss, but to simply, go on, with everything... So, let's put on a record that moves and stuns and will definitely end up on my personal year list. In an attempt. Just that... Cause I still can't get my head around what happened... But... An album this good will definitely transport you away from all that. If only for a little while... Glad to see I’m not the only one still in love with the 2014 ‘Zigurat’ album by the Bath, Uk quartet Sergeant Thunderhoof. Cause judging from the votes cast by the Doom Chart contributors for their new record titled: Ride Of The Hoof we all can’t get enough of the stampeding Sergeant! And rightfully so. The beast is magnificent and even bigger than on that first adventure. The heavy grooves meander and pause and stampede and make this album the ride of a lifetime. There truly is not one note missing or a single tone too much. And then listen to those truly impressive vocals, and to the excellent way they seep into your soul while that luscious guitar sound booms through your heart. This combines every aspect of those genres we all love so dearly, but this is done to such a massive degree that you cannot do anything but sit back in awe and marvel at the universe that is being fabricated and conquered by Sergeant Thunderhoof. The magnificent one! Sheer brilliance and absolutely stunning! There is only one small problem… We now have to choose between the awe-inspiring Zigurat and the completely mesmerizing Ride Of The Hoof!

(Written by JK)

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