zaterdag 14 november 2015



I was there. In Paris. Two weeks ago. And have a date with Eagles of Death Metal next Saturday at Speedfest festival in Eindhoven. But even without that given, the events of last night are shocking, world shattering and bizarre. There is ofcourse no possible avenue to take to prevent anything like this happening ever again. And that is perhaps even worse. Why are there so many people in the world, who know, just like me, that we could all just live together, respect each other and bask in the glory of life. And a handful or perhaps large portion of others that seem to want to destroy that only thing that we all share. For there is no such thing as a God or Allah or Shiva or Vishnu or whatever weird creature you want to believe in… Or perhaps there is. Nobody knows and even if believing in it, is the most sacred part of your being and soul, there is no reason why you should not accept that somebody else has a different view. Just the fact that there are so many different believes should give you the notion that someone might be right and someone might be wrong, and that that simple fact, right or wrong doesn’t matter on any scheme in life. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about life. The one thing we all have and the one thing we should all do our best to live, in a way we want. I do not press my believes and views upon anyone. Never. I simply state how I feel and how I see things. If somebody else sees things differently, I shake his hands and truly congratulate him with those views. And I am more than happy to discuss those views on any subject. But I will not sway for anyone and will only mildly try to influence other people. Cause yes, I love the Eagles Of Death Metal. If anyone should be my God, it would have to be Dave Catching and ofcourse Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes. And why anyone would have a different one, I fail to comprehend. But I will never judge you for it. It is your choice. As it is with everything…

My thoughts go out to everyone in the world. The ones that feel distraught, the ones that know and the ones that feel. My thoughts go out to all my Gods in the world, those great artists, writers and musicians that have brought me so much. To Eagles of Death Metal, their crew and all of their friends and families. To everyone present at Bataclan and to everyone in Paris…

I will not participate in a silent march or a march of screams or a march of music. But if anyone knows the answer to the end of violence; and if it would require anything from me. I would gladly participate and give everything for it. Yes. Everything…

I love you all.

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  1. Beautifully put, yet another pointless tragedy to avenge another pointless tragedy ad infinitum. gods of religion and money colliding and the innocent paying the price.
    Thoughts are with the bereaved of every nation for these pointless wastes of lives.