vrijdag 27 november 2015

Electric Priestess – Electric Priestess

Electric Priestess – Electric Priestess
Self released – 2015
Rock, Doom, Metal
Rated: ****

Electric Priestess’s self-titled demo is out for the masses to enjoy. The five-piece comes a rockin' to us from Grimsby, UK with their brand of doom rock. What's great about hearing something for the first time is the unknown. So I'm waiting for the vocals. Ok , there's Danny Vain singing his heart out on the self-titled cut. The dude rocks. I can only describe him as pure early seventies. Listen and you'll see what I mean. The rest of the band rocks hard on the song as well. There is plenty of fuzz and heavy drumming to go around. The final track A Grand Tyranny of Magnitude is a cut where the band really shines. It's a definite Sabbath feel but with nice meter changes. Hats off to the rhythm section on this one. Drummer Zoe Butters and bassist Luke Bullock are tight and creative. Don't worry guitarists, I haven't forgotten that you guys are killing it as well. Jordan Nicholas and Joe Peddie deliver the fuzz with what I would call a slight commercial viability. All in all I would call it a good listen. Demo? I guess. I really don't understand the difference anymore. What denotes a demo as opposed to a final cut? Recordings are so good today that I guess maybe it's the producing or editing that makes the difference. Back in the day what I can only describe as slight flubs were left on records and only a very discerning ear would notice. Either way you slice it, Electric Priestess is a fine piece of music that I thoroughly enjoyed. Check'em out for yourselves at the links below.

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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