woensdag 18 november 2015

Agata – Horror Stories

Agata – Horror Stories
Self released – 22015
Punk, Hardcore, Rock
Rated: ****

Oh yeah!! Next up at the HiVe please welcome Agata from Oakland CA. The three piece has recently released their 2nd album called Horror Stories. I am so glad I received this. Horror Stories brings me back to my days of listening to such bands as D.R.I., The Dead Kennedys and the Misfits just to name a few. Agata is hardcore and punk at its best with a touch more than ever before. The vocal styling on the track History Repeated is killer, along with the rest of the band. The song is a great example of diversified playing within a hardcore context. The guitarist touches on doom and a softer side all the while keeping it hardcore/punk. And in typical punk fashion these pit dwellers deliver messages and rail against the system as in their track Used. Let's not forget the rhythm section. These two really show what they've got on the track Pull The Choke. Drums and bass are blazin' on the cut but at the same time they visit a slightly softer more technical side. And then there is Final Frontier, a track I would expect to hear on a Bruce Leitch a.k.a Hopalong Horus Heisenberg record. The shits ambient. Wow! Agata rules! Horror Stories is a fine example of everything I love in a record. They have a core sound but don't mind making their own rules by exploring other genres and shoving those genres in your face. This is what art and music is all about. Do what you feel at the moment. So many bands out there probably have tunes that they don't put on records because they feel it doesn't fit their style. I say screw that!!! Seems to me Agata agrees. Thank you Agata!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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