vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

Thee Arthur Layne – Hvy Drt Vol.I

Thee Arthur Layne – Hvy Drt Vol.I
Self released – 2015
Rock, Psych, Stoner, Seventies, Blues
Rated: *****

As seven inches go, this is without a doubt the best one that ever graced my record player. Period. Chicago born Thee Arthur Layne hits you full throttle with their Hvy Drt Vol.I single that is laced with two amazing tracks. Namely: Father Friendly and Scorpion Crawl. Both of which are full on dune boogie rockers straight out of the psychedelic seventies. Its punky, its proto-metal and grooves the hell out of every pants in the room. These four cats know exactly where the good mustard is stored! And they’ve taken all the bottles with them when they went into the studio. It’s so raw and soulful that the blues they bring becomes fuzzy, warm and shining. It gives you a warm almost delirious chill, especially when you also hear those howling vocals by Screamin’ Jay Walter. And together with all that visceral drumming and whirlwind guitar this amazing seven inch can’t stop spinning… Especially cause there are also those tiny mellotron, Wurlitzer or even wind chime sounds? Simply stunning!

(Written by JK)

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