dinsdag 13 oktober 2015

Reptile Master – In The Light Of A Sinking Sun

Reptile Master – In The Light Of A Sinking Sun
Blues For The Red Sun records – 2015
Sludge, Doom, Ear Bleeding
Rated: ***

If you like your Doom laced with filthy Sludge, welcome to Reptile Master. Sludge metal is the punishing sound that first hits your ears on In The Light Of A Sinking Sun - low-slung and primitive - and then, the riffs start... Huge magical riffs that slowly progress to different chord sequences but always with lumbering menace. The vocals are almost hardcore but perfectly suit this type of music. Like Iron Monkey meeting Sleep, these tracks are monolithic in nature and length but of such power that I can see a lot of traditional doom fans being put off by the unfettered violence that is on offer. This is one of the heaviest things I have heard this year and really is an awesome display of music that truly can stop you in your tracks. Jump aboard this unstoppable landslide of sonic attack and prepare to destroy everything in your path... ...HULK SMASH!

(Written by Tony Maim)

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