woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Prophets of Saturn – Retronauts

Prophets of Saturn – Retronauts
HeviSike Records – 2015
Rock, Psych, Seventies, Doom, Stoner, Occult
Rated: ****

On the new album Retronauts the Leicester formation Prophets of Saturn seem to want to pay tribute to an amazing array of bands, genres and legends. Which we could name and offer the same appreciation. But it might be wiser to dive headfirst into their very own realm of heady, occult and ancient lust for something sinful. They stomp on the terra like an antique copper golem and wield immense power with which they can choose to destroy or build. Filled with psychedelic jams and mammoth wall of sounds the four track Retronauts album just keeps on surprising with every turn they take. Especially on doom metal battleship closer Damāvand (16:33 minutes) which seems to show exactly what the album is all about and where the Prophets of Saturn are heading next. Onto a planet and a future filled with progressive doom, rock and occult psychedelic sounds. And thanks to the expert drumwork and intense vocals you are constantly in awe and praying that you may accompany theses Prophets on their next adventure… Simply stunning!

(Written by JK)

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