dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Doctor Doom – This Seed We Have Sown

Doctor Doom – This Seed We Have Sown
Ripple Music – 2015
Rock, Seventies, Psych, Hard
Rated: ****

We’ve been digging the hell out of the good Doctor since their 2013 release called DoomO. Filled with dirty riffs and analog recording values the albums had you bopping along on those classic sounding tunes. And we all knew it immediately that the Doctor would be able to keep helping us out in our time of need. So. Looking for some serious seventies boogie? Looking to get your head right, to turn on and tune in? Then get yourself some prescribed medicine by Doctor Doom! On their new album This Seed We Have Sown they serve up some highly natural and cascading shuffle and groove. Their upbeat yet subdued offerings calms the spirit and warms the soul. This is psychedelic lounge music for all us heavy rock freaks that long for the long nights and for those desperate adventures. With Doctor Doom on your side, you will be getting it all and a whole lot more…

(Written by JK)

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