dinsdag 1 september 2015

Seedy Jeezus – Seedy Jeezus

Seedy Jeezus – Seedy Jeezus
Self released – 2015
Stoner, Retro, Punk, Garage
Rated: ****

Seedy Jeezus combine hard rock with some punk roots which lead to a highly energetic and explosive sound mixture. The songs on the debut are straight-ahead ones that are full of speed and power. It feels like a 40 minute tail spin, driving a car with two accelerators and no brakes! Full on Stoner with Garage/Punk vibes drive, this Aussie band speed along with blazing guitars and snarled but clean vocals. This is Rock ’n Roll played with power and a Detroit edge that hints of influences from that town circa ’71. Frenzied leads are sprayed like machine gun bursts lodging inside your brain. Do not drive whilst playing this album or you will end up jumping red lights, overtaking recklessly, plowing through road works and generally trying to match the adrenaline rush these songs produce. If you have ever laid awake at night – like I have – and wondered if anyone could continue the legacy left by the sadly defunct Hellacopters, wonder no more and get this now!

(Written by Tony)

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