dinsdag 15 september 2015

Öken – Öken

Öken – Öken
Ozium Records – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Prog
Rated: *****

And here comes another fine release from that awesome little label in Sweden called Ozium Records. After spinning our heads with the amazing Mamont, Heroinne, Lugnoro and latest addition Haddock they now give us Öken. A bunch of Swedes from Skövde, that little town, hidden between the two big Vättern and Vänern lakes of Sweden. Four young cats who put out a two track single via bandcamp last year and now release their debut self-titled full-sized album. Eight tracks of pure unadulterated psychedelic stoner... Or so it seems... After paying homage to John Garcia and Kyuss’s Supa Scoopa And Might Scoop on opening track Ol’ Mr Scrooge, they continue their seemingly effortless journey towards a highly Scandinavian version of that stonerrock we all love so dearly. Mixing more psychedelic seventies and jam riffs into their compositions they quickly turn the loving nod you gave them in the beginning into a severe head job. Quick enough yer going, holy crap, this is so freakin good! And then on track three Ferrule they slow down and turn the soulful blues up and shred guitars like a demon. After which you slide into Väkteren, which freaks you out and makes you wonder if there’s anything these cats can’t do? Four more tracks remain, each one with their very own color and signature, some jazzy, some with more experimentation and some sounding almost South-American, yet also very much Öken. And when such a new band bursts unto the scene doing so much magic, there is only one conclusion to make. The Devil visited Skövde and got himself four new souls!

(Written by JK)

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