woensdag 30 september 2015

Imperial State Electric – Honk Machine

Imperial State Electric – Honk Machine
Suburban/Psychout – 2015
Rock, Garage
Rated: ****

We ofcourse know the Swede Nicke Andersson from his marvelous work with Entombed and the Hellacopters. But he has been duking it out now for a couple of years with his new project Imperial State Electric. And on their fourth album Honk Machine they even manage to almost put their already awesome previous record Reptile Brain to shame. This is grade a garage that manages to just as easily change color to sixties pop influences or seventies hardrock and spice it all up with some soulful ballads and impress with all of them. There are so many great avenues, approaches and ideas on this one record it simply amazes. And with a tight and crisp production sound you never have this retro sentiment but always the feeling of that green light on the horizon. As if the sun is rising on a great day and there is even more Imperial State Electric beauty waiting just around the corner. Sheer blissful enjoyment!

(Written by JK)

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