vrijdag 11 september 2015

Ghost – Meliora

Ghost – Meliora
Spinefarm/Caroline – 2015
Rock, Pop, Metal, Theatrical, Occult
Rated: ***

And onwards we go, towards the perfect mixture of ABBA and Blue Oyster Cult with some extra clerical atmospheres and grandiose gestures. So, yes, we are talking about those rascals from Ghost. And every time again those rascals state beforehand that the album will sound less retro as the ones that came before and will turn more metal. But as we all know the clergy is not to be trusted, so on this one, Meliora they move once again further away from the heavy stuff and towards something definitely larger than life. And even though there is some screeching guitar here and there it is still as poppy as predecessor Infestissumam. But do we care? Should we care? These Swedish dresser uppers sound even more at home with their own brand of music. Somewhat retro, somewhat eighties hardrock and a lot of ABBA and Blues Oyster Cult. And on all those moments that they rock hard and sound good you are enjoying the hell out of yourself. But on those almost pompous, dramatic moments of overtures, you know this is what Ghost does best, turn the theatrical into something catchy and addictive.

(Written by JK)

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