maandag 7 september 2015

Creedsmen Arise – Temple

Creedsmen Arise – Temple
Self released – 2015
Doom, Fuzz, Stoner, Metal
Rate: ****

Creedsmen Arise have arrived from Sweden with their debut EP Temple, and the good stuff is doom-a-licious. Opening cut Temple will satisfy any fan of doom. But what I liked about it most is the vocalist. The guy is stand out and has some very tasty melodic phrasing on the record; especially in the opening tune. Creedsmen Arise lead you through their own brand of storytelling onto the second track Herbal Burial, and then Circle of Clergymen which has an awesome punk/hardcore style ending that was a nice change of pace and very enjoyable. It also showed that the rest of the band are no slouch! Fuzzy guitars, solid bass and drums as well round out Temple. Creedsmen Arise arrived and delivered. If your into doom, gloom and fuzz check ‘em out at their bandcamp below. You won’t regret i!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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