vrijdag 18 september 2015

Black Bottle Riot – III: Indigo Blues

Black Bottle Riot – III: Indigo Blues
Suburban/Bertus – 2015
Rock, Hard, Blues, Southern
Rated: ****

We’ve been following the Black Bottle Riot boys since 2009. And travelled with them through a great Stay Hungry EP, an amazing self-titled full-sized record and their Soul In Exile album released in 2013. They now hit us with III: Indigo Blues. Something good and tasty with the soul we heard on that Soul In Exile album but with the loose and groovy approach we loved from the debut record. There’s something furious and feisty about the way this one rolls out in front of you. The guitar seems to exhume pure passion and pleasure when it slides and weaves and glows. Real inspiring string work and it makes the entire record much more earnest. Maybe due to the hardship the boys endured, the loss of friends, jobs and even homes. It’s the blues and it shines through in the music and the vocals. It’s an album made by adversity and tears. And it’s those tears you hear in the guitar and you hear in the vocals, something we missed on the previous record. Just listen to that Southern touched Around The Sun with Paul Niehaus from Lambchop and try not to reminisce about the good ol’ days. And as icing on the cake, the track to play away the blues and to wipe away those tears, we get In Solitude, with the help from Kirk Windstein (Down, Crowbar). Hard rocking, tough metal edged aggression! And a glorious future awaits just around the corner for the Black Bottle Riot boys!

(Written by JK)

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