donderdag 10 september 2015

Apathy Crutch – Herd The Cattle EP

Apathy Crutch – Herd The Cattle EP
Self released – 2015
Post punk, Metal, Rock, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

The Herd The Cattle EP by Apathy Crutch is a breath of fresh air. The outfit from Massachusetts would have fared well in the infancy post hardcore days of sub pop with their punkish, dare I say Cobain style vocals. At the same time I hear influences across the board from Sabbath, Nuclear Assault to Nirvana, and even DRI. (In my opinion). It seems that Apathy Crutch play what they want and that's how it should be and always be. I like a good doom record, but in the days where the drone sometimes becomes too drone for my liking, Apathy Crutch is a nice change of pace. I almost never discriminate; especially when it comes to music. I like almost every genre and I really enjoyed these guys. Is the production on Herd the Cattle perfect? No, but that's the beauty of it all. This a guitar driven band that seems to be an odd man out when it comes to stoner and those intermingled genres which is fine by me. You guys decide for yourselves at the band camp link below. I tried doing a little research on the band and didn't find much. Their bandcamp site also claims that the EP was recorded 10 years ago! Hopefully these guys are still rockin out. Yo, Apathy Crutch! Let us know via bandcamp what the deal is! Are you guys active? Is the 2005 date a typo? We need to know!
(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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