zondag 20 september 2015

Ahab – The Boats of The Glen Carrig

Ahab – The Boats of The Glen Carrig
Napalm/PIAS – 2015
Metal, Doom, Psych, Rock
Rated: **

Melodic funeral doom with a fine psychedelic touch. That is Ahab and that is what Ahab will always be. Once again the new album The Boats Of The Glen Carrig is based upon a book. This time they took the William Hope Hodgson story with the same name from 1907 as the inspiration to build their music on. It is slow carrying music that you can easily drift away on, simply because even though they produce heavy music they do not always go for that extreme musical move. The vocals unfortunately do. At first when the voice touches you with its fragile yet wonderful melancholy you start to sway and wonder how good this piece of art will become. But when the misplaced growling starts you start howling o’ captain my captain what have they done… A fearful trip indeed. And sure, the rest of their nautical doom remains a true flagship of exploration. But why distort the calm breeze with a thundering roar when there is really not mythical beast on the horizon that needs to be slain…

(Written by JK)

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