dinsdag 8 september 2015

Against The Grain – Road Warriors

Against The Grain – Road Warriors
Self Destructo Records – 2015
Rock, Speed, Punk
Rated: ***

Detroit, that bad ass motorcity! Home to Against The Grain. Four freaky cats who have now delivered their fourth album Road Warriors. Going ever forward to evolve their version of punky speedrock into something that sounds classic and vintage. Rough edges turning smooth. No, don’t worry, they’ve not changed into something that isn’t wild at heart. But there is more of a seventies touch and a gigantic approach to everything. Where earlier albums were full force and punk, this one retains a very wholesome ability. It has something to do with that seventies thing we mentioned but also the implementation of something bluesy and something metal. Classic metal that is. And with that also comes the need to slow things down. We don’t bullet through every song anymore, no, we take it easy when the track deserves it. Giving more breathing space and making everything a righteous adventure. With hugely improved vocals and guitar work that’s furiously beautiful we can safely bet on Against The Grain getting bigger and better with every second that passes. And if you’d rather hear them gun it out like a true speedrock mudslinger; just put on the Run For Your Life track! One minute and forty-five seconds of speedrock bliss! Why aren’t these cats on Speedfest, the Dutch Speedrock Festival, this year?

(Written by JK)

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