vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

Tsar Bompa – Songs That Your Mother Shouldn’t Hear

Tsar Bompa – Songs That Your Mother Shouldn’t Hear
Monomentum Records – 2015
Rock, Alternative, Stoner, Indie, Pop, Electro
Rated: ***

Raw fucked up noise with Russian influences. That’s how the Dutch quintet Tsar Bompa describes their sound. Judging from their six songs strong debut EP Songs That Your Mother Shouldn’t Hear they are less noisy and much more pop orientated then they might like to admit. But why shouldn’t they come clean about their affections? Cause their stoner disco and alternative rock is quite infectious! Taking cues from De Staat, Queens Of The Stone Age, Infadels, Raketkanon and perhaps the most from Jimmy Glitschy Die Einarmige Karussellbremser! They manage to make one hell of a kaleidoscopic mess of things. It’s jumpy, its loud and its highly danceable. This is party music for the festive drunks, the ones looking to get wild and crazy. This is freak out music for the freaks, the hippies and the weirdos. Yes, you heard me, this is music for you! So, poor yourself some kind of drink; put this piece of ruckus on and find out where the party is at!! And get yer ass over there!

(Written by JK)

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