vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

Sweat Lodge – Talismana

Sweat Lodge – Talismana
Ripple Music – 2015
Rock, Hard, Metal, Proto, Psych, Stoner
Rated: ****

Another quality release from the depths of the copper universe. Sounding highly vintage and wickedly proto the Austin, Texas foursome Sweat Lodge hit us with a hard rocking boogie album called Talismana. Transporting us straight to that golden era when Sabbath and Zeppelin were soaring high; with a definite love for the ancient grooves. They have us swaying along on doom inspired riffs and catapult you with intense solo work. True inspired drumming that fills every corner of the room without ever coming oppressive. That’s where the howling comes in; with a resonating chant like quality the vocals becomes this dense fog that disorients and hypnotizes. It is what makes this album great, for the duration of the album you are incapable of doing anything else, it mesmerizes like a snake charmer and leaves you defenseless. I guess we should be lucky the nine songs all last between three and five minutes and the entire record just under thirty-five minutes. Otherwise we would not be able to get any work done at all!

(Written by JK)

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