dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Nick Oliveri’s summer trek through Europe

Nick Oliveri’s summer trek through Europe

He started out on the amazing Stoned From The Underground festival in Germany and keeps his relentless adventure going until the middle of August where he will play Leperfest in Belgium. We are talking about Mr. Nick Oliveri. The man we know from his work with Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, his own Mondo Generator and all the projects he was involved with like B’Last, Dwarves and many more. This adventure is an acoustic one though, playing his Leave Me Alone album that he put out under the name Uncontrollable. So before he escapes back to Amerika, you need to find out where he plays, buy a ticket and take the ride… 

August 3rd: Backstage (Munich, GER)
August 4th: Rockhouse (Salzburg, Austria)
August 5th: Jagerklause (Berlin, GER)
August 7th: La Casa (Cottbus, GER)
August 8th: TBA (Bucarest, Romania)
August 9th: Chez Heinz (Hannover, GER)
August 10th: Hafenklang (Hamburg, GER)
August 11th: DB’s (Utrecht, NL)
August 12th: Gebr De Nobel (Leiden, NL)
August 13th: De Pul (Uden, NL)
August 14th: The Lane (Oostburg, NL)
August 15th: De Hip (Deventer, NL)
August 16th: Leperfest (Leper, Belgium)

And Stoner HiVe will be present at De Pul in Uden, drop by and let’s have a beer!

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