zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Goya – Obelisk

Goya – Obelisk
STB Records - 2015
Rated: *****

Goya return with their second full-sized album Obelisk, after the amazing 777 released in 2013, and deliver a body blow of skull crushing heavy grooves and guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods when played at volume. With clean vocals dripping in reverb throughout, these dudes play intricate passages that manage to keep your attention from wandering. Big hypnotic grooves give you a trip into the more psychedelic realms of doom by riffing to an almost mantra like refrain that lodges deep into your cortex fluids on a primal level to make your body slowly jerk and move to the primitive and shamanistic tunes that have clearly been spawned by unclean thoughts and in-pure impulses to damage people with slow, fuzzed guitars and low-end tuning. Monolithic is a phrase sometimes overused in this genre but I will make an exception for Goya. Huge sounding with killer refrains give this band a massive edge over other bands within this genre. The band have outgrown any obvious  influences and are forging ahead down their own, dark path. Even with some big releases in 2015 so far, this album will surely take some beating for pure doom and riffage this year.

(Written by Tony)

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