zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

A free festival in France featuring WO FAT !

A free festival in France!

On Friday 7th of August, yes, this upcoming Friday, a completely free festival in the heart of France! Near Cheniers, we find the amazing place of Moulin de Piot. Last time the organizer had Karma To Burn play at the campsite, this time around, the line-up is even better… With Wiremother, Bear vs Manero, Screen Wives, Kill Rpnzl and Brave Snakes you have a great day ahead of you. But closing the night and playing Dreamwalker for sure is none other than WO FAT !!! So get on your bike, steal a car, buy a horse or lend a donkey and get yer ass over to Moulin de Piot for a completely free festival full of stoner fun!

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