woensdag 3 juni 2015

Stone Rock Festival - 2015

Stone Rock Festival 

There’s a new festival in town. Or well, one that has been around for five years. But not that well known yet. Stone Rock Festival in Dalfsen, Netherlands. A festival that focuses on alternative rock, stonerrock, stonerpop, garage and psychedelic rock and all or mostly from that lovely Lowlands country with their wooden shoes, windmills and marijuana. This year featuring amazing bands such as An Evening With Knives, De Staat and General Midnight. But also other damn fine outfits like Navarone, Poor John, The Indien and few new kids on the block. And those new bands show definite promise. What to think of Mandrake’s Monster? Or Magnetic Spacemen? Or The Apologist and The Muncks? Hey, and then there’s also old dogs Raggende Manne! So get your ass over to Dalfsen for Stone Rock festival on Saturday June 6th! And if you don't feel like getting down, dirty and boogying your behind off you can always get frustrated and angry watching Het Universumpje; or maybe have you mind blown by them instead…

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