vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Glowsun – Beyond The Wall of Time

Glowsun – Beyond The Wall of Time
Napalm – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Instrumental, Metal
Rated: *****

The mentioning of the following album has been lying in wait for a month. Waiting with anticipation on spreading the good word on this truly amazing record! And yes, perhaps we are biased once again, but then again, we always are. Cause we only speak about the music we truly love! After meeting up with guitarist Johan Jaccob in a restaurant in Lille where some of his art was on display to talk Glowsun and to buy some of his drawings he remarked that they were already in the final stage of the album and that he himself was absolutely smitten with what they had done so far. And now it is here. Beyond The Wall Of Time, the third full-sized Glowsun album. And it truly is a masterpiece! Intricate details and overwhelming accuracy are what make this album tick. Like a high prized Swiss clock it turns and shifts and balances out on the exact right moment. The pounding drums and growling riffs have you soaring high. The time-umbrella concept really feels like an adventure; and thanks to all the minutiae you keep discovering little musical trinkets with every new listening session. Do not mistake this for just another good Glowsun album, no, this is an instrumental masterpiece and one that is meant for the ages!

(Written by JK)

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  1. Welcome back fella - good band to restart with too, nice to find some more killer French bands (instrumental too, you know I love some of that :) as the accordian is truly the work of bieber