donderdag 11 juni 2015

Doom Chart for June 2015

Doom Chart

“You are about to experience one of the strangest meetings ever convened — a joining of […] the most unusual people on Earth! Sit quietly in the shadows of this clandestine conference and observe it well! For from it shall soon be born … The DOOM PATROL” – Arnold Drake

They continue to roll on… Those damned Doom Charts! Thanks to an amazing amount of good people with great taste the fourth edition of the Doom Chart is up and running. We have entered June with this month’s edition. Is Dopethrone - Hochelaga still the number one album? Or do we have a new record topping the chart? What great new bands entered the list and who do you miss? Go check it out! Go check it out…

Go check it out and head on over to the Doom Charts to read up on all those amazing albums!

Spoiler alert for...

On Number 4 we find a band which definitely deserves to be soaring this high! And which was already predicted by Doktor420 in his rant about their new groundbreaking album Given To Emptiness. We are ofcourse talking about Arenna! Go see what the good lords say about these crazy cats on the Doom Chart and check out all the other great bands there!

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