woensdag 13 mei 2015

The Cover That Could – IV

The Cover That Could – IV

Black Diamond Brigade – Black Diamond

Black Diamond Brigade is a super group in the finest sense of the word. Or should we say was, cause unfortunately the band has only performed live once and have only recorded one song and one video. For it was a super group formed in honor of a Kiss Tribute album. The members were taken from Norwegian metal and punk bands. But also Billy Gould from Faith No More was present. The rest of those Norwegian freaks were vocalist Torgny Amdam from Amulet, Sigurd Wongraven from Satyricon on bass, keys and backup singer. On drums we hear Tarjei Strom from the Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band. But I guess we post this The Cover That Could post in honor of Knut Schreiner of the loved by everyone and praised by even more bands named Euroboys and ofcourse Turbonegro! On the maxi single that was released alongside that tribute album we find two almost identical version of Black Diamond and the video. With so many demigods, Kiss could just as well pack up and go sit in a dark corner somewhere. So all we need to do now is kneel and pray for the return of the Black Diamond Brigade!

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