woensdag 15 april 2015

Roadburn – 2015

Roadburn – 2015

The hangover grows every year. Not because of the copious amounts of drink. Or because a day or two had to be missed this time around. No. It’s because we love Roadburn so dearly and all its folk roaming around. It becomes harder with every passing year to continue on in this less successful version of the world. It will not happen again. This missing of days I mean. Because we already have to miss Roadburn for the entire year. On the other hand. There is one tiny problem, which we should address for the sake of things. It has been growing for a while now. And that is the simple fact that we hippies dig all of the bands that play at Roadburn. So how can one choose between Wovenhand, Monolord, Anthroproph, Scott H. Biram or Moloch? How can one choose between Eyehategod, Kandodo and Helms Alee? See. We can’t. So we try not to. And end up missing one or the other or part of it. Not because we arrive late. But because the venue or stage is full and way to crowded to push through. All of us want to see it all and all of us are fans of Helms Alee. So they could have easily filled the Patronaat stage and Monolord could easily have filled the main stage. But, then again, it is a small price to pay to feel a part of this thing called Roadburn. There were too many highlights to name them all. So let’s just name my favorite two. Which were on Friday. Finally seeing Helms Ale live. And in company of Steve Brooks from Torche/Floor. Who drinks his whisky and coke like a slow master. A crowded little Stage01 filled with smoke by a wretched machine that was soon yelled into submission by drummer and vocalist Hozoji Margullis. The drum work and grandiose guitar coloring whooped the crowd into a frenzy.  And earlier in the day we saw Spidergawd put on great show and move us with their massive groove. So now we wait. Till next year. And hope and pray that we will come to grips with whatever choice we made. Cause it eventually always is… The right one… Like Roadburn… The right one…

See ya’ll next year!

Photo's by Paul Verhagen.

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