donderdag 30 april 2015

Libido Fuzz – Kaleido Lumo Age

Libido Fuzz – Kaleido Lumo Age
Pink Tank Records – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Seventies
Rated: ****

Hail to Bordeaux! For their incredible wines and for giving us: Libido Fuzz! Cause on their first full-sized album Kaleido Lumo Age they bring the dune boogie riding high on that lovely seventies wave. Ooh yes, we’re talking about a track called Raw Animal. A track that grooves so hard it has you dancing outside of your pants. Ooh yes, Mr. Fancy Pants. This is bellbottom music for the bellbottom lovers. But let’s not forget about the six other damn fine tracks that all transport us to that glorious seventies era without looking to copy any of those legendary bands from that golden age. No no no, the Libido Fuzz want to space out and fuzz through all those seventies rock sounds in a modern fashion. It has you proto stonering and going all psychedelic before the end of the album without feeling old or worn. They know how to slow down and whirl around and know when to speed up and freak you out. The Libido Fuzz and their Kaleido Lumo Age is so good it will make you see things… Can you see all the colors we hear?

(Written by JK)

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