woensdag 18 maart 2015

Desert Storm – Omniscient

Desert Storm – Omniscient
Blindsight Records/Secret Law Records – 2015
Rock, Sludge, Doom, Blues, Metal, Stoner
Rated: ****

We’ve been writing about this stoner sludge hurricane since their Forked Tongues album from 2010 and we then revisited their 2008 self-titled demo. We went ape shit about their 2013 album Horizontal Life and ofcourse loved the split they did with Komatsu called Nomen Est Omen. And at the end of January this year the UK quintet Desert Storm released their newest effort entitled: Omniscient. We hold our breath, not because we are worried they won’t deliver, but because we are giddy with anticipation and hope we will love this as much as all that came before. Omniscient, ever present and all knowing. On which they’re turning into the sludge monster they know they have always been. Slowly all the influences they were sporting on their other albums are dissipating, or so we are lead to believe. What rises and holds fast is the sludgy stoner rock and metal that can easily hold a candle to the best of Crowbar and Down. And ofcourse the guys have to do it again, make a flag post of a stand out track in the middle of the record. This time around it’s an acoustic song called Home. Displaying once again that the vocalist could do so much more with his voice than just the aggressive howls we heard so far. And after Home dies away; the breeze picks up and, there they are, a myriad of influences can be heard, making the aggressive nature of the first four tracks disappear with more laidback grooves and sunny rhythms. Returning to an all levelling sludge landslide with the closing track Collapse Of The Bison Lung. And then we can breathe again…

(Written by JK)

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