vrijdag 27 februari 2015

The Answer – Raise A Little Hell

The Answer – Raise A Little Hell
Napalm – 2015
Rock, Hard
Rated: **

It’s hard to watch the decline of a promising band. I dug Rise from 2006, I liked Everyday Demons from 2009 and I loved Revival from 2011. But there were already a few hints on that album that showed us a direction they should not be taken. New Horizon from 2013 was weaker still and had us hoping that something was gonna change. Unfortunately the fifth album Raise A Little Hell by the Irish rockers The Answer does not change a lot and raises very little hell. Sure, there are still a few tracks that meander between Nazareth and AC/DC and which we can appreciate; but overall, the songwriting has dwindled. The exuberance and razor-sharp guitar work from the earlier albums has dissipated and turned into a trickle. There seems to be little fun in their newest work and they sound tired and weary.  As if the car is running low on fuel and the knives have gone blunt. They’re not looking for a fight, they’re trying their best to stay out of it. Song after song we here the same loud but lazy rock that seems to be made for background music when the vacuum cleaner is running. You hear rock music, and that’s about it. Nothing that sets it apart and nothing that gets the blood racing. Let’s hope their sixth album sees them relight their fire and kick start their own behinds!

(Written by JK)

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