woensdag 25 februari 2015

Sautrus – Reed: Chapter One

Sautrus – Reed: Chapter One
Pink Tank Records – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Fuzz, Grunge, Doom, Prog
Rated: *****

Huge, immense and gigantic. Artistically brazen and aiming for the horizon. Listening to the full-sized album Reed: Chapter One by Polish quartet Sautrus has you imagining them playing ancient arenas and coliseums. Their colossal and theatrical sound is enormous without ever being over the top. It is exactly right, righteous and bodacious. These guys levelling a dark cellar stage, a dusty watering hole or local venue will be oppressive and overwhelming. For their fuzzy grunge, heavy stoner and dark atmospheres are blown to gargantuan proportions by little progressive influences and the fact that these guys dare to go that big. Just imagine one amazing riff tumbling over another; while the bas rumbles beneath and the drums roar with excitement. A melodic vocalist that enthralls with his echoes and compels you to stretch your arms out towards the sky as wave after wave washes over you. Just let go. There’s so much groove hiding in these tracks you’re almost scared to imagine that this is only their full-sized debut after the equally impressive three track ep Kuelmaggah Mysticism: Prologue from 2012. Let’s hope there are many more chapters to follow; cause we are, sure as hell, not ready to close this book called Sautrus!

(Written by JK)

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