vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Primitive Man – Home Is Where the Hatred Is

Primitive Man – Home Is Where the Hatred Is
Relapse Records – 2015
Doom, Sludge, Punk
Rated: ***

With hearts of hate and a fistful of distortion pedals, Primitive Man return with a 4 track “12. Primitive doom and sludge punk explode from this collection of twisted tracks and quite simply, stun you into submission. The atmospherics are dark and brooding, helped by the relentless riffs that are crashing out, creating a dense and tension-filled collection of tracks that need to be listened to in one sitting. You feel drained after playing this - you don’t so much listen to this but experience it. When the frantic, frenzied vocals emerge from deep within the mix, you realise how much depth and layering you are hearing, how the dynamics have been thought out and most of all, just how the searing riffs are in fact much more complex than realised on your first listen. Using fuzzed out riffs that register extremely low on the Richter scale, this is a solid slab of sludge punk with doom elements threaded throughout. One of the strengths has to be the song writing. Hypnotic riffs that latch into your head and tunes that have a purpose to them bring direction and flow to all the tracks. Bleak heaviness is the tone set but this does not mean unrelenting misery for the listener. Careful use of electronic drones and textures carry across an atmosphere of denseness and weight that somehow feels cleansing after the music stops. This is ugly music for ugly people. Not sure how many times you can listen to this before wanting to cut your ears off but played just once will give you an idea of how far heavy music can be carried.

(Written by Tony)

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