vrijdag 27 februari 2015

John Carpenter – Lost Themes

John Carpenter – Lost Themes
Sacred Bones – 2015
Rated: ***

Horror grand magician John Carpenter dismissed movie making quite a while ago: “I love movies, but hate getting up early.” No more movies meant no more of his very own style of music full of icy tension and ominous expectations. Full of pumping electro beats, gripping synthesizers, lanky keyboard choirs and those every present melody maelstroms. Or so we thought. Cause then, suddenly, out of nowhere, comes Lost Themes. Nine instrumental compositions, with massive Dario Argento references, primitive basses and demonic themes we have all come to love. With tiny exotic intricate workings and sudden atmosphere changes. The main reason though, why I noticed the album, is the fact that he worked on the album with his son and godson. Cody and personal hero Daniel Davies of Year Long Disaster / Karma To Burn fame. Whenever they were bored playing video games they would head over to the attic to improvise some music. It went so well, that within days they had this Lost Themes album and they’re already working on a follow-up called Dark Blues. But for now, all us Carpenter lovers, are stuck imagining their very own nightmare while listening to Lost Themes…

(Written by JK)

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