donderdag 26 februari 2015

Gingerpig – Ghost on The Highway

Gingerpig – Ghost on The Highway
Suburban – 2015
Rock, Hard
Rated: ****

We’ve been smitten with Gingerpig ever since we heard their first demo back in 2009. It then took till spring 2011 before we were treated to the amazing album The Ways Of The Gingerpig on which they let the Hammond do the talking, the guitars do the wailing and the vocals the mesmerizing. What a debut album that was, it still spins regularly and the track Dimlighted Heart so often I lost count. After which we saw some line-up changes before we got the damn fine Hidden From View in 2013 and with yet some more changes in personal they now send out into the world their third record: Ghost On The Highway. The wildness that was displayed on earlier albums has given way to heaviness and straight on truckin. This is hardrock. Hardrock with a definite penchant for the old school version that we got from Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Hardrock with a definite love for the blues. Add to this some stylings a la Wishbone Ash or Thin Lizzy and you get a whole new incarnation of what Gingerpig was all about. A Gingerpig that is always on the road. Without an organ to slow them down and with a steady driver gunning for the horizon. So if you are in need for a soundtrack to a vicious day and perhaps a night long drive, pick up Ghost On The Highway, it will keep you focused and aware of all those spirits around you…

(Written by JK)

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