maandag 26 januari 2015

Yama – Ananta

Yama – Ananta
Lightown Fidelity – 2014
Rock, Hard, Stoner with tinge of Doom.
Rated: *****

This Dutch band take the Stoner genre but infuse with a heaviness that steers them into the fringes of Doom. Riffs that power through your senses have a groove added that refuse to leave your brain until you bang your head against a wall. The song compositions are varied and skilfully executed – head-nodding moments are interspersed with slow movements, full on Stoner turbo charged riffing, atmospheric moments of calm before the storm of powerhouse chords overwhelm you – everything in fact to make this a superb offering. The vocals are impassioned but restrained – perfect for these tracks. With a clean sounding production, the solos hover over the top of your hearing with power and clarity. Yama have given us something that does not just slavishly rip off the past but lovingly show their influences while still having a modern take of some genres that are in danger of being tagged “retro”. This band is looking forward, doing their own thing, keeping our beloved underground sounds fresh and vital.

(Written by Tony)

psst. And do you remember their demo from 2011?

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