vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Doktor420’s – Personal Top 20

Doktor420’s – Personal Top 20

How I come to this weird list? 

It has less doom and more stonerrock related genres than the whole/average HiVe's top list - probably because I prefer clean vocals (better none than a growling singer).

Over the whole year I spend not a second in deciding which album might make it on the upcoming end-of-year-list...and then..in december JK asks for it. After which I go through 100’s of new albums, and I try to remember'em. Usually I put all "maybes" in a playlist and play it for the next days. Removing all "not-good-enoughs" from time to time.  Some days later I seperate them in 3 parts:
Top3 (sometimes there are only 2 in the top3),  Excellent (must haves) and  Very good (should have).

I am never ever able to give everyone a real place in line. (How in hell can you decide which is #17 or #18?) Then I check my playin' statistics in LastFM where I found out that Wolfmother got an enormous amount of playtime (ofcourse that also depends on the month of release - the earlier released get more plays in a year.)  Few albums I even get after the list is sent. In the hope that it's shrunken enough (down to 50 or so) I count them on and on and usually have to force myself to remove more/rate harder. (I gave up to try exactly 20 or 50 entries.) One might think I could simply copy & paste the last.fm list but that don't work at all, even the "undecided" get many plays sometimes, until I remove'em.

So...Wolfmother earned the #1 position due to their variating and easy to access songs, which sometimes have a pop attitude without the bad taste of mainstream.

#2 Cult of Dom Keller - damn - how much I enjoy their sound - it goes directly into my brain and makes my head slightly bang - every time - hail to England - EOM.

#3 Somali Yacht Club (some call the name silly, I find it kinda funny) a late years find, JK told me about and I instantly fell in love with their stuff. Reminds me in a mixture of 35007 and Colour Haze.

The rest in alphabetical order


3AM - Waves
Camera - Remember I Was CO2
Electric Moon - Mind Explosion
Electric Orange - Volume 10
Kings of Frog Island - V
Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows, Flying Eyes 4-Bands split
Solrize - Hellnation EP


Causa Sui - Live At Freak Valley
Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 3
Cosmic Dead - EasterFaust
El Paramo - El Paramo
Floor - Oblation
Fur - Fur
Grand Magus - Triumph and Power
Humo del Cairo - Preludio
Hyne - Elements
Moab - Billow
Monolith - Dystopia
Mustasch - Thank You for the Demon
Sigiriya - Darkness Died Today
TruckFighters & Witchrider - The Return Of The Fuzzsplit vol.1
Weltraum - Spirituality

There are some not stonerrock related albums which I excluded from the list. Try Jack White - Lazaretto for instance, yes, the White Stripes dude but without his less talented Drumchick...

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