dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Doctor Smoke – The Witching Hour

Doctor Smoke – The Witching Hour
Totem Cat Records – 2014
Stoner, Rock, Doom
Rated: *****

Five stars, but if I could score higher I would! Doctor Smoke have prescribed a dose of hard rocking Stoner that will purge your body and soul of all the weak, lazy cliché shit that is being passed off as Stoner/Classic Rock these days. With touches of Doom strewn throughout the album, if I had heard this slab of greatness earlier on this year, it would have been extremely high on my albums of the year list I submitted to Joop. Taut and controlled short bursts of excitement are fired your way via guitars set to fuzz. With killer riffs and top notch song compositions, there is not a weak moment to be had. Vocals carry a counter melody which compliments the sublime guitar solos – ah, I cannot stop head banging when they start. They carry the power of Iommi with the catchiness of Lizzy at their peak. With the kind of vibe to be had from Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Doctor Smoke tone down some of the psychedelia and up the ante with power and distortion. In short if you have ever had a passing interest in the stoner/desert scene combined with 70’s hard rock touched by the devil, stop reading this and get spinning this masterpiece.

(Written by Tony)

psst. And do you remember their 2013 demo?

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